Elemente Studio, an automation tool with built-in framework build for everyone!!!


It’s been 4 years I am involved in several projects. This is one of the most important project in my career as it was one of the initial project that I started in 2016 and had no idea where it was going and where it will go. There were so many challenges in the path but the goal was to make something simple and everyone can use it. Finally on 25th Dec 2018, Elemente Studio is released.

What is Elemente Studio ?

Elemente Studio is an automation tool with built-in framework and easy to use. Its reusable, portable, cross platform, remotely executable, devops ready and easy to learn and implement. It’s a tool for automating the web applications.

The built-in framework helps the team to start working on the project without any burden of designing framework, ie. user starts creating scripts on day 1. The built-in framework bind all the resources of the project together which create similar user experience in every environment or platform.

The scripts created in Elemente Studio is reusable through it’s iterations and parameterization. User can configure which iteration to be executed and which not.

The portability gives the team flexibility to move the project to any environment by keeping all the project configuration.

The platform independent features enables user to create, edit and execute in different platform and from different platform.

Remote execution features gives the user to trigger the script from one system to another system and remotely monitor your report from anywhere.

Elemente Studio exposes external API path, this gives the feature for continuous integration through API calls.

User create scripts using standard manual test case format and the same can be automated. It has batch execution capability for executing multiple scripts in one batch.

There are more features including, report on error, stop on error, email features, database support, external application execution.

It was created for everyone keeping in mind that any non technical person should be able to use it.

For more information or demo or pricing contact me @ contact@mobinx.com